Land - Shell Ette Photography

Snow Capped Franconia Notch in Autumn Panoramic 2015

There is much to admire in this panoramic scene besides the whole view of the notch in Franconia. Cannon Mtn ski area is on the right with a touch of snow scattered on the tree tops. Echo Lake sitting in the valley is reflecting the bluebird sky with its arching rainbow like clouds, contrasting wonderfully with vivid shades of the autumn colored sugar maples. The highway is Rte 93 which passes through this one of a kind notch. Working our way up from the highway is Eagle Cliff. A beautiful place to view the notch from but extremely difficult to get to as there isn’t a trail. Sitting above Eagle Cliff is Franconia Ridge covered in fresh snow. Mt Lafayette is the nearest peak, then moving right is Mt Lincoln, Little Haystack, and the snowcapped mountain peaking up in the far center is Mt Liberty. Working you way back along the ridge and passing Mt Lafayette all the way to the very left is the peak of Mt Garfield also covered in snow. From there we move down to the lower left corner and we see a section of the paved bike bath that winds through the mountains for 11 miles. Moving right our eyes catch on the beautiful jagged cliffs that sit above Profile Rd before it takes us back to the smooth rock pile in the lower right corner proving I am standing on Artist’s Bluff which allow me to see this glorious view. Panoramic size: 30x12