Dog Sledding - Shell Ette Photography

Sled Dog Team 9 Open 2014

Every year the Lakes Region Sled Dog Club hosts a weekend of Sled Dog competitions. This is Team 7 from St Raymond, PQ on Saturday's race of the Open in 2014. This competition runs all 3 days on a 15 mile course. This team placed 4th on Fri, 5th on Sat. and 1st on Sun, finishing 5th overall.
A lot of searching when into finding this spot. Most of the trees and shrubs are bare and make for a dismal background. My camera and myself were covered in camo gear and I was crouched down amongst a bush in the deep snow hiding so not to disturb the dogs. Usually the dogs eye me as they run by, but this group was focused until they heard the clicking of the camera.

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