Ordering a Print

Here are some guidelines and suggestions to simplify the ordering process.

Watermark: the ‘Shell Ette Photography – copy’ that you see on this website, will not show on the artwork.

Printing lab is in CA, where all items are shipped from. Please keep this in mind for delivery schedule and shipping costs.

Image Sizes: The full size images from my cameras can be printed in any size that is a 2:3 ratio (8x12, 12x18, 18x24, 20x30, and 24x36). I will list the recommended sizes in the description / notes of the photo to help you choose the right size image to avoid cropping and losing some of the image. Some will be standard, some will be square and others will be Panoramic in width. Store bought frames for these sizes can be hard to find, so please check before you order. If you are having the prints custom framed this won't be a problem. I offer the traditional print sizes (8x10, 11x14, 16x20), but you will have to crop from the full size image in checkout. The default is center crop, but you have the option to move the crop to your liking. You can also choose a square print in various sizes. (Note: If you must crop for your preferred dimensions, and do not want to lose any of the image, I ask that you email me a note and I may be able to re-size it for you so you do not lose any of the image.)

Add to Cart: Click on a thumbnail image to view a larger version of the image you are interested in. At the bottom right of the picture you are viewing, is a button ‘ Add to Cart’. Click on this button, then choose ‘this photo’, and it will take you to the ‘Buy this Photo’ page. This page will display a window with all the finishes, sizes and prices that are offered. Scroll down and click on a size and finish to highlight it. The left side of the screen will describe the item and offers ‘more info’ for a more detailed description and a video showing the material. This will help compare Lustre vs Metallic finishes and a canvas wrap vs a thinwrap. Once you decide on a size, enter a qty into the box and click checkout. This next page is where you will adjust the cropping, by clicking on default which will be a center crop or adjust and you can slide the box to your liking. There are many options of print material to choose from, so I will try to walk you through this.

Paper Finish: For prints only, or framed prints, you have several options,

Lustre is a premium finish on heavier paper, it offers the vibrant colors of glossy with a fingerprint-resistant finish of matte. Printed on Kodak Supra Endura paper.

Glossy is shiny and brighter than matte, but more reflective.

Metallic is the new preferred option. It has a wow factor, rich with deep color and vibrant. Printed on Kodak Endura Professional Metallic paper.

Giclee Watercolor is a fineart process with a subtle texture and finished with a protective spray.

Print only: You choose the type of paper finish, Lustre, Glossy, Metalllic or Giclee Watercolor and then search for the size you would like under the section -Standard Sizes, or Panoramic Sizes or Square Sizes. (Note: If you un-check the box on the left ‘Require Cropping’ it will only list the appropriate sizes for that photo). Scroll down and click on a size and finish to highlight it. 

Print Framed: (ready to hang) After you select a finish and print size, you enter a number into the qty box and click checkout, it will take you to a page where you can choose matting and frames. You will also need to adjust the cropping detail if it needs to be cropped. This website has a limited selection of frames and mats, if you would like more options, I suggest ordering the same photo from my other website Shell Ette Fine Art where they have numerous colors for frames and matting.

Metal Plate: (ready to hang) is stunning and has become the new favorite, due to its rich vibrant colors and luminescence quality. It is waterproof, weatherproof and scratch resistant. The ink dyes are infused directly onto a coated aluminum sheet, and can be cleaned with glass cleaner. Choose from high gloss or satin finish. It is frameless and comes ready to hang and has a foam backing, which protects the walls and gives it a floating off the wall look.

Canvas Fabric: (ready to hang) The Giclée canvas prints are on museum quality canvas with a protective spray coating applied to the surface to help prevent scratches and other damage. This comes in 3 options.

Wrapped - A frameless option. Part of the image is wrapped around the side of a wooden internal frame and the canvas is stapled securely in the back, and comes with hanging hardware attached. When you click on this option, the graphic will show you how much of the image will be wrapped. If you see an image that you would really like as a gallery wrap but don't like the way it wraps, please email me and I may be able to help. I can add a border around the image and that will be on the sides as opposed to part of the image. Please tell me what size you are considering as the size border I add varies with each size.

Stretched is similar to wrapped but the full image is visible on the front, and a white border edge is stapled on the sides of the wooden frame which means the staples are visible also. This item you may want to have a custom framed, but it wouldn’t need to be covered with glass.

Board canvas prints are mounted onto sturdy Gator foamboard, a very rigid foamboard with lightweight backing and a white edged finish. You may want to have this framed also but not necessary.

Thinwraps: (ready to hang) are another frameless way of displaying fine art prints. The image is printed on either Lustre paper, Metallic paper, or Giclée canvas material and then finished with a satin laminate for a soft, subtle glow. It is then neatly mounted and wrapped around 3/16” Gatorboard, foam is added to the back with the hanging hardware. The foam holds the print away from the wall suspending it in the air like it’s floating. The Lustre/satin combination most resemble a print with a matte or lustre finish. The Metallic/satin finish is a very unique finish and gives the print a nice shimmer. The satin finish tones down the glossy look of the paper and is not nearly as reflective as a standard print on metallic paper.