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The Armont Inn, Campton, NH

The Inn was originally built as a family farm in 1935, by a Mr. C. George Armstrong from Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada where he had created Sussex Ginger Ale. He immigrated to Chelmsford, MA and founded the Chelmsford Springs Co also known as Chelmsford Golden Ginger Ale. He eventually sold that company which later became Canada Dry. There are Golden Gingerale bottles built into the walls above the fireplace. Mr Armstrong passed in 1936 and the farm remained in the family until it was sold to Mr Richard Weed Murphy in the early 1960’s.
Mr Murphy grew up in Lowell, MA until his family moved to Plymouth, NH where he attended UNH and studied Hospitality Mgmt. At the age of 24, he purchased the Inn and turned it into a seasonal establishment which included a full service restaurant, open to the general public.
This Inn is extremely special to many families and neighbors, that celebrated there and worked there every summer and has been a treasured landmark for many decades. It holds many wonderful memories of happy times and no one will forget the splendid views of the mountains and valley that spread out beyond the fields and stone walls.
This picture was taken October 13th, 2015. Sadly it burned to the ground four weeks later on November 11th, 2015. Fortunately Mr Murphy was rescued from the burning building unharmed.

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