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Marriage Proposal

Caleb & Erin Admiring Echo Lake

Re-photograph of Parents Portrait

Bogie Parents B&W

Collage of Old Photos

Dan Collage 14x11

Services I offer

Welcome to Shell Ette Photography,

I am excited that you're here.  I will attempt to explain the many creative projects I offer and will also estimate some pricing guidelines if I have them. 

First I specialize in the outdoors, natural backgrounds with natural lighting, although I have a flash to aid in low lighting scenarios.  I do not have a studio.  I photograph in all seasons, yes even really cold ones and very rainy days. 

Homesteads  -  Property, Views, Farms,

   I can photograph your home, property, view, exterior and interior in all seasons, which makes a great family gift.  Price varies on this depending on location and scope of work desired.

Portraits  - Family, Graduating Seniors, Marriage Proposals, Pets, Equines

  I offer portraits of families and pets, separately and together at a location of your choice and/or in their natural surroundings.  Surprise Marriage Proposals at your choice of location.  Equine photography at your barn or pasture.  Felines inside your home and Canines doing agility or chasing a ball.  I have many decades of knowledge and experience working with all sorts of animals.  I have cats, dogs, and horses, at my farm and I am familiar with their behaviors.

Architecture - Real Estate

  Interior and exterior of buildings for websites, brochures and advertising. 


Products being used in their environments. Corporate machinery for Price varies due to the size of the building, the quantity of rooms and the type of files required. 

Revitalize an old torn photograph

  I can photograph an old family heirloom portrait and make it new again to be reframed.  I can re-photograph several of them and create a collage to be shared with future generations.  Price varies due to the quality of the photographs and if the image is framed behind glass.